Gemmologist, Jewelry designer, Art Enthusiast My Jewel Journey... 1996 onwards... It has been an incredible journey, designing jewelry for over 2 decades. I am a passionate and trained professional jewelry designer from GII,( Gemological Institute of India) with over 2 decades of industry knowledge and experience. I have had privilege to design fine and couture Jewelry for various companies and have participated in many International Jewelry shows. My love for precious metals and gemstones, my passion for designing, combined with my knowledge for manufacturing, has enabled me to create timeless, unique and innovative jewelry over the years. Working with customer preloved jewelry or Heirloom pieces and giving them a new life has been a significant part of my design journey. Having designed and manufactured jewelry for both the wholesale and retail sectors has given me and in depth understanding of various cultures and their jewelry prerequisites. My strength lies in designing multiple collections, each collection having its unique characteristics and wearability. Creating multifunctional Jewelry with removable and changeable aspects are prominent feature of my design. My expertise lie not only in design but also in manufacturing genuine gemstone jewelry in precious metals. My strengths include purchase of precious materials ,sale of finished jewelry and designing the creatives for Marketing. For showcasing my designs to my customers, whether individual or wholesale ,I prefer the digital medium. My designing is precise, well finished in colour and often resembles a photograph. I am a keen learner, my passion for Jewelry is reflected in my desire to add new skills and refresh my knowledge through various Jewelry programmes. Over the past 12 years in Singapore, I have enrolled in many programmes , such as CAD, Metal clay, Metalsmithing, Pearls at JDMIS always with the desire to learn more and keep abreast with the current Jewelry trends and standards. I have enjoyed working for both the retail and wholesale sectors of Jewelry for over 2 decades and have very recently launched my own brand called NEELAM LARA DESIGNS in Singapore. I am a Nature lover, and an Art enthusiast. . The bountiful Nature,, History and the architecture around has most often been the source of my inspirations , whether it be a painting, sketch, photography or jewelry. I am creative, ambitious and very passionate about my work. This beautiful Garden city Singapore has been home for past 12 years, prior to which I was in Kolkata and Mumbai in India.

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