Get custom designed jewellery

The brand creates a diverse range of custom design collections in the highest industry standards created to individual specifications and always delivered within your budget. The entire design process, from raw sketch to final design, the raw metal draft, and before setting, is professionally done with milestones shared with clients. 


Have a broad conversation with the designer either face to face, over email or WhatsApp, and let her in on your expected use of the jewellery, desired material, a rough budget and time frame 

Sketch & Variations

Take a look at some beautifully designed digital images of your new or renewed jewellery that carefully incorporates your requirements along with recommendations from the designer. Expect to see a digitally created image that looks very close to a photographic image of your finished product.


Once the final design has been selected, and estimated budget is confirmed, the designer will share the final manufacturing  specifications, and expected date of completion. The total final cost always stays within budget; thanks to the years of experience behind the designer Neelam Lara


Delivery steps to be advised by Neelam (Jyoti to polish delivery options write up)

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