How do I place an order for ready-made jewellery?

Currently  there is limited stock in the“ In house design collection”.If the jewelry you like is available with us, you can make an online payment and we can ship the goods to you. Please confirm the order prior to making the payment,as currently we are shipping to a select few countries only.

What are the payment methods available for purchasing on the website?

Payments can be made via PayNow or online banking to the company’s Singapore account.

How long does it take for an order to be confirmed? 

Once the design is finalised ,and you have paid  the advance amount,the start to finish process time is ideally kept  within 45 days. Simple pieces have shorter delivery time,complex pieces, which require specific gem material , sourcing will take upto 45 days.However if you are short on time, please let us know and we will see if it can meet your time requirement.

What are the shipping and delivery options available for me? 

Within Singapore, goods can be collected from our studio, or we can make a delivery.Delivery to some select countries can be made via courier.

Can I browse the website and purchase the product offline? 

Yes , you can browse the website and physically see the product and buy it offline, if you are from Singapore.

Are the prices on the website accurate? 

Since the  Dollar and Metal rate fluctuate on a daily basis, The prices are a close approximation. Once you confirm the purchase ,we will send you the exact quotation in SGD, payment must be made within 24 hours to avail the price quoted.


Can I make an exchange request if I do not like the jewellery that was delivered to me?

Yes, exchange is possible if the item is from the “ In house design Collection”. Any custom made jewelry,with your gem material or designed to your close specifics of colour, purity and size  can not be exchanged or returned.[however we never like to turn the customer away, please call with your reason for return,and we will try our best to help .} Currently the exchange/return  facility  is applicable for people residing in Singapore only. Exchange or return must be made within a week, goods must be  in original condition with the  original receipt. Any damaged goods will not be exchanged/or returned. The discretion to exchange or return lies with the company.Once the item is received and examined,full refund or store credit will be issued within 7 days.

The jewellery does not fit, what are the options available for me? 

If the jewelry is from the “In house Design Collection” or Custom made” Bespoke Collection”,you can send it back for resizing. If the error is from our side, we will resize and send to you with no additional cost, however if the sizing  provided by you is wrong, we will resize for you, but you will have to bear the resizing  and courier charges. Sometimes it's an insignificant amount, but if it’s a bangle/ bracelet that needs resizing, then it could be a considerable  amount.

Is there a warranty for each purchase? 

At Neelam Lara Designs, all Jewelry is hallmarked , if a piece is not hallmarked we  offer guarantee for the metal karatage. If a piece of jewelry needs repair  or repolish we  will always do the needful. If the repair is minimal, you only pay for the courier charges. However if you need certification of the jewelry, then it can be certified at your cost.

Is there a buy back facility for your jewelry?

At Neelam Lara Designs, we offer a buy back facility for jewelry  that is designed and has diamonds  provided by us. Any jewelry designed specifically  with your gem material , or distinctly designed to your  specifics  of unusual colour or size will not fall under the buy back  offer.For gold and  gem studded jewelry, buy back is offered for diamonds and gold only. Gold will be valued at the  current rate [which is mostly higher than the purchase rate], and 80% of the diamond value is offered as buy back. Coloured gemstones usually  have  wear and tear and it is difficult to reuse them and  gemstones may be damaged  while dismantling, hence, no buy back on coloured gems.  [however exceptions can be made depending on the size and value of the precious coloured gemstones used in your jewelry].

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There is absolutely no buy back for Solitaires.